Our Core Values driving everything we do:

SERIOUS FUN - We are serious about delivering on our promise to be one of the premier Cannabis Dispensaries in the State of Nevada, and serious about having fun doing what we do. We are in the people business and creating a fun atmosphere of Serious Fun drives much of what we do.

HUMBLY CONFIDENT - Our focus is on ensuring our employees are equiped to provide the best information and service to our clients and partners. We know that knowledgable employees are confident employees.
Humbly confident, simply means we are confident the information, advice and products we offer are accurate and sound, yet we are never too smart to learn something new.

FORWARD THINKING - The Cannabis industry is exploding and changing daily. To keep pace with this growth and industry changes, we continually look for ways to innovate and improve the way we serve our customers and employees.

WELLNESS MINDED - Everyone who works at the+Source is wellness minded. It's in our DNA as an organization. We continue to push the envelope on ways our customers can leverage the powerful benefits of the Cannabis plant. –




Las Vegas, NV

Pahrump, NV

Henderson, NV